Memorial Day Services 2015

May 25, 2015

Memorial Day was celebrated this May 25, 2015 in the center of Walpole. 

The new commander of Post 5188 and current town Veterans Affair Agent, Jon Cogan, presided over the days events.

Once again, a very well run remembrance service honoring all of our troops who have died in the service of their country.

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View all of the images of the days remembrance service --> Link to Pictures

Grand Opening May 22nd, 2015

The members lounge was recently gutted and completely remodeled. Andrew Mangini, the former commander, provided the design and did all of the work.

The new facility is beautiful.

Congratulations Andrew on a job well done.


Going Away Party for James Mitchell - 3/15/14

Bar Manager for VFW Post 5188

James Mitchell recently received a commission to join the Baltimore Police Department. James will be entering the police academy next week and has had to make arrangements to turn over his role as bar manager.

Going away sendoff

James Mitchell and Phil Mackey (currently serving in Afganistan) recently had to come to the assistance of the post. Their were management issues that required immediate action. Both James and Phil took charge to deal with these issues.

Under James, the post has been put on a sound financial footing. This took a dedicated effort and a lot of hard work. 

James has done a great job over the past year and will be sorely missed. The roll of manager is demanding at best and requires a seven day work week. His good humor and attention to the needs of the post have created a great turn around story. 

James has also taken steps to install a new capable bar manager and helped to make sure that the new management team is in place to carry forward the mission of serving the vetereans of Walpole and VFW Post 5188. 

Kevin Smiley will be assuming the roles of manager and be responsible for managing the bar and  hall rentals. 

Everyone in the post wishes James the best in his new career as a Baltimore Police Officer. Becoming a police officer has been a life long career goal for James and we are happy to see him having a chance to fulfill this career goal.

Best wishes to James Mitchell from all of the members and friends of VFW Post 5188.

Cookies with Santa - Dec. 14, 2014

Christmas Party - Hosted by Women's Auxillary

The VFW hosted their annual children's christmas party on Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014. This was attended by Santa and many of the young children from the Walpole Area. 

Our Santa was a big hit this year and did a great job.



Santa was a big hit with all the kids.


santa with children


Free images of the event can be had by visiting this link. All of the images (downloads) are free, just BUY the image, select the product as a DOWNLOAD, and you will notice that it is priced at zero.

link to free picture --> free pictures of event

Here is a slide show of the day. When the slide show appears, copy the address in the address bar of your browser and you can send the slide show to a friend. A great little slide show to get people in the spirit of christmas. Even grumpy people. 

slide show of event --> see slide show

Eagle Scout Fundraiser to Benefit Post 5188

Help Carleton Coffin get his Eagle Badge

Carleton Coffin, of Boy Scout Troup 44 is collecting returnable cans and bottles to help raise money for his Eagle Project.

Carleton's project is to rebuild the Horseshoe Pits and Activities Area located at VFW Post 5188. Carleton needs to raise $800 to accomplish this project and is doing so by collecting bottles and cans. 

Please save all bottles and cans that are returnable. This includes alcoholic beverages. Drop them off at the VFW at 108 Robbins Road. 

The fundraiser is ongoing and will continue through June of 2014. 

Avery little bit helps. Please do you share to help in this project.

Let's help Carleton Coffin get his eagle badge.